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Skyline Solutions Roof Asset Management & Consulting

National Consultants

Skyline Solutions RAM stands as a premier independent roof asset management firm, extending our services nationwide. 

Our singular objective is to provide long-term cost savings while averting problems through proficient, effective, and budget-friendly roof management options.

Whether it’s one location or your entire portfolio, let Skyline Solutions RAM manage it for you.

About Us

Boasting a decade of direct experience within the roofing industry, we bring forth a wealth of practical and applicable expertise dedicated solely to advancing the interests of our clients. 

Our commitment to communication, transparency, and integrity will foster an impressive client relationship. We serve as an essential buffer between owner and contractor which is crucial to the overall success of any roofing project.

We are staffed in all departments to provide a comprehensive array of roof consulting services. We are uniquely qualified to assist you with all of your roof asset needs.



Conduct thorough inspections of existing roofs to assess their condition. This may involve visual inspections, moisture surveys, and other testing methods.


Analyze data gathered during inspections to identify any issues or potential problems with the roof, such as leaks, deterioration, or inadequate insulation.

Specification & Design

Develop detailed specifications for roof installations or renovations based on the specific needs of the building. This includes selecting appropriate materials, insulation, and other components.

Project Management

Manage or oversee roofing projects to ensure they are completed on time and within budget while meeting quality standards.

Code Compliance

Ensure that the roofing system complies with local building codes and regulations.


Assist in developing budgets for roofing projects, considering factors such as material costs, labor expenses, and any potential unforeseen issues.


Provide advice and recommendations to building owners, architects, contractors, and other stakeholders regarding roofing-related matters.

Thermal Imaging

Use of thermal imaging in commercial roofing as a valuable tool for comprehensive roof inspections, enabling early detection of problems and facilitating efficient maintenance strategies.


Keep abreast of industry trends, new materials, and technologies, and provide education and training to clients and colleagues.

Trained In All Major Manufacturers

Safety Culture

OSHA Certification Badge

Employee safety certifications include:

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • OSHA 500
  • OSHA 510

IIBEC Member  – 5 year anniversary


Certified Remote Pilot – FAA Part 107

Thermal/Infrared Thermography – Level 1